European funds

Why outsourcing?


Why outsourcing in Bulgaria?



- EU membership;
- low operating costs;
- low labor cost;
- attractive taxation (the corporate tax is 10%);
- well-educated and professionally trained working force;
- stable business environment;
- stable political environment.


Why outsourcing in Varna?

* Science and Education
Varna is among the most important university centers in the country with eight universities, which educate more than 30,000 students:

- Naval Academy
- University of Economics
- Medical University
- Technical University
- Varna Free University
- College of Tourism
- Medical College
- Technical College
- Professional College

Secondary education is represented by several language schools, humanitarian, Mathematics and Science High School, art schools, several vocational schools and sports schools, and secondary schools.


In Varna there are the Institute of Oceanology, Centre Ship Hydrodynamics (formerly Institute), Institute of Metal Science, Equipment and Technologies "Acad Balevski Angel" and an affiliate of the Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences


* Infrastructure
- Varna Airport, Bourgas Airport-120 km. , Balchik Airport -50 km. ,Airport Constanta (Romania)- 120 km.
- Port of Varna - developed port infrastructure and logistics
- Offices and Warehouses - Business Park, Logistic park,  many business and industrial buildings with excellent access and communications


* Marine industry
Marine industry sector is characteristic of the city. It combines companies associated with maritime activities. The sector employs more than 12,000 people who earn about 14-15% of the sales revenues of the local economy. These are enterprises of shipbuilding, ship repair, shipping, dredging and maintenance of sea lanes and equipment and related services and activities




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